Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hello 2008

Dear 2008,

After a proper thank you and good bye to 2007, I realized that you deserve an appropriate welcome.

I apologize for sleeping through your party. Forgive me, I was so tired that evening. Growing a person can really wear a girl out. I am glad you are finally here . Like I mentioned to 2007, I am one day closer to having this baby. That alone, is a huge plus for you 2008.

2008, I have no lofty resolutions or unrealistic expectations from you. I just want to have a comfortable pregnancy, uncomplicated birth, easy baby, and financial stability... that is reasonable, right?

While I am making lists, I might as well add that I would be grateful for continued health for family, growth at work, and a quick return to my pre-pregnancy weight (please note, I mean my first pregnancy). I would love lots of freelance assignments that would allow me the freedom to stay home rather than returning to work after the baby is born. I'd also like to request that Paul receive a substantial raise in 2008, working less hours with a paid vacation and full benefits.

A professionally landscaped yard would really be divine this summer, as well as freshly painted walls and ceilings for fall... all free, of course. Maybe some new furniture too? Well, this essentially brings us back around to the holidays -- Christmas in Florida would be great fun and New Years in Key West (just Paul and I) would be a fantastic way to thank you for everything, 2008.

See, simple requests.

I'll probably be pretty busy between now and 2009, so you won't hear from me for about 12 months.

I'll be sure to sent you a post card from Florida!

Be a Great Year,


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