Friday, September 21, 2007

Hot Fall Fashion

What's in for fall? I predict I will be wearing a lovely little ensemble designed by "Guilt." No, you won't find this fashionable garb on the runways of Paris and Milan. You may, however, see a few frazzled women sporting it while dropping their kids off at daycare.

Guilt looks more vibrant after your child begs you not to go to work. It repels those disapproving glares from coworkers after you arrive 45 minutes late because your daughter clung to your leg all morning like human Velcro. It is so glamorous that that it even looks great with a few coffee stains and sticky specks of maple syrup. Guilt seamlessly goes from office to evening with just one unexpected trip to Target for diapers on the commute home -- so convenient!

Fortunately, Guilt cleans up well at the end of the day. A hug and giggle, plus a little splash of wine, and Guilt washes clean. It conveniently folds away in little self-contained pouch for easy storage and is ready to wear the next morning.

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