Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Rumination on motherhood #1

Time is elusive and slips away not in minutes or even hours, but in days and weeks. I'm frightened at how fast life is sliding past me. The irony is that being a mom forces me to slow down. Some hours of the day, I am functioning like any working woman -- focused on the task at hand. Then, the rest of the day, I am living life through the eyes of a new, little human being, experiencing everything for the first time...all over again! This is probably my favorite thing about being Abby's mom. Everything is fresh and full of hope. In her eyes I see unlimited possiblity -- not just for her, but also for me. And, even though the speed of days and weeks is intimidating, I glean respite in those moments when I am sitting quietly, rocking Abby to sleep. The world seems to stop. Silence, darkness, and a dreamlike peacefulness wrap around me and I feel a love like I never thought possible.

I know, sounds kind of corny, doesn't it? And, trust me, I am a glass is half empty kind of gal, but when I hear her giggle or smell her sweet skin, my glass is totally running over...


  1. It's amazing the time at night (or early morning) spent rocking the baby to's just the 2 of you...unfortunately no daddy, but no coworkers, friends, neighbors....just you and this wee one, connecting so deeply. I rub her head like a crystal ball, dreaming of so many aspects of her future, our future with her. And then you're BOTH asleep in the rocking chair, and you wake up with a crick in you neck and remember the here and now, and lay your baby in her crib and climb into your own bed and feel very comfortable with life. Thanks for sharing Kristen!

  2. As the Dad of this new Mother, it is amazing to see the changes that have come about due to her own Motherhood. I held her and watched her grow up wondering how this free spirit and sometimes a little wild and a little on the edge young lady would evolve. Beng a new Mother has brought out all that was always there. Her Mother and I are so proud of her, her accomplishments, where she is and where she and her family are heading.