Thursday, November 24, 2005

A Blog is Born...

I had at least 16 other names that I pondered over for the title of my new blog. However, they were already taken. So, as I sat here in front of my computer, trying to be creative and come up with a witty title, I actually spent the last 45 minutes picking my split ends. Little blond hairs are now all over my keyboard. I totally acknowlege that this behavior is somwhat obsessive, but it's meditative. I can get very focused on my split ends for hours, hunting each one down like I do when I search for the perfect word while writing. I could make lots of analogies between my split ends and my writing, but I won't. The important thing is that I have a place to write whatever I feel like writing about...whether it's as trite as my split ends, or as meaningful as my new journey into motherhood. So, out of a very bad habit and slightly obsessive behavior, my blog is born...


  1. I love that. Split ends are the best when nothing else is around to help.

  2. You have a sister in Michigan. Happy Blogging...Congrats!

  3. love the blog title....and love your writing...can't wait to read more!