Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let the Wild Ruckus Begin!

May 26, 2008 -- 9:28 pm
Welcome Max!
You weren't quite ready to come out on your own so we kind of forced you to make your grand entrance sooner rather than later. Sorry, but I am grateful we didn't wait a day longer. At almost 9 pounds and 21 inches long, I now understand why I was so incredibly uncomfortable those last few weeks.
Your birthday did not necessarily go quite as I planned, however being a seasoned mom, I expected the unexpected. I really thought you would just "pop" out in a few hours. But, no, we were already on your schedule. (In all fairness, it is possible that you weren't in control of the timing. My body is also known for not cooperating with my brain and taking its own sweet time to get stuff done). So, on top of waiting 39 long weeks, I had to wait an additional 12 hours to see your squishy little face.
It was an unusually cool and gray day -- the perfect weather for being stuck inside the hospital. The first couple of hours were pleasant -- we got comfortable in our room, got to know our lovely labor and delivery nurse, my poking and prodding began, and I geared up for the pain. And, oh, the pain came. Cath and Coop arrived and took your sister for the day. It was actually during their visit that I really began to remember how bad the pain was going to get. Around 10:30 am I was starting to grit my teeth. Some time after noon, I finally succumbed to the epidural. I wasn't going to. It didn't work with Abby and I survived labor. But, this time was different.
I dreaded the preparation for the epidural, but I got a great (no, The Greatest) anesthesiologist. Who, knowing my concerns and prior bad experience, was extremely kind and gentle (as gentle as someone can be while sticking a needle in your spine). And, he made it work. I was blissfully numb from the waist down. The remainder of the day was wonderful. I relaxed, watched TV, napped and didn't feel a thing. It was so mellow that your Daddy was actually bored!
However, by 6 pm, I could not believe you were still not out!
I was anxious the last few hours. The nurses kept telling me I wasn't progressing and you weren't dropping. It looked like a long night ahead of us. Then, suddenly things happened. Within an hour I went from 7 cm to 10 cm. Your head was still up high, but we decided I would start pushing. Besides, my epidural had worn off, especially on my left side, so it was time to get this done because the pain was unbearable. The doctor told me that I would be pushing for a while and warned me to conserve my energy. But, I was on a mission. I went back to my running days. I was at mile 22 of the marathon. I was not going to slow down, I was going to push on (literally). Less than 45 minutes later (and to the complete disbelief and awe of Dr. Figge, your Daddy, and the nurses), you finally came out in dramatic fashion. The cord was wrapped around your neck and you were unusually quiet for the first few minutes. It was the worst silence I have ever heard. Finally, you started grunting. The rest is a bit of a blur...
Now, we have clocked a little over 3 weeks together and I am smitten. I fall in love more and more every day as I get to know you and understand your needs. Speaking of, I hear you crying. That is my call to action -- that cry is what has kept me from writing this for over 3 weeks... but, I got it done and now I am off to change and/ or feed you. More to come...

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  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Beautiful story. It needs to go in his baby book!