Thursday, April 27, 2006

Survival of the Fittest

I survived the first year!
Survival is a bit of an extreme term, albeit the last year certainly had its share of challenges. Each challenge, however, was tempered with a kind of sweet recompense. Nurturing was my main priority this past year. And, as a result, Abby’s diminutive body got longer and plumper. She is secure and happy. Her face lights up with expression. She has a sense of humor and, even better, the ability to make us laugh. Her eyes have changed the most, as they reveal a growing inventory of emotions, thoughts, and astuteness. It sounds strange, but every once in a while I look into her eyes and feel as if I am looking at myself.
As we celebrate Abby’s first year of life, I feel like I am also commemorating my own rebirth. What was once commonplace and hum drum, is brand new again. A balloon, a trip to the zoo, a ladybug crawling along a blade of grass, bubbles floating into the breeze – these simple things are now viewed with a heightened sense of awe. The real blessing of becoming a parent is that, if we let ourselves, we can experience childhood all over again.

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